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Do you need a Four Point Inspection?

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Four (4) Point Insurance Inspection – why are they are so important? Four Point Insurance Inspections The Four Point Insurance Inspection is performed on behalf of the insurance companies and, typically, as a requirement for the insurer offering insurance to the new homeowner. As insurance companies are beginning to see the benefit of the inspection, the program is spreading to other areas of the country. The benefit to the insurance company is, obviously, reduced loss risk on home owner’s insurance policies. This is an area of business that has, for many years, been a money loser for...

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Preparing your home for hurricane season – What every new homeowner needs to know

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How to Prepare Your Home for Storm Season Follow these steps to protect your most valuable asset from hurricanes and other storms. You should take steps now to ready your home for a storm because when bad weather approaches it’ll likely be too late. For the Atlantic coast, hurricane season begins June 1, and NASA satellites and ocean sensors are suggesting we might be in for a formidable El Niño. That means the water in the central and eastern Pacific could be warmer than normal, which could bring about more extreme storms. If you’re worried that your house or condo isn’t...

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