Looking to buy a home during the holidays? We can help with your home inspection any time of the year!

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What you need to know about buying a home during the holiday season. While you may assume it’s not an ideal time to be looking, there are some advantages to buying this time of year. If you’re house hunting over the holidays, you’re likely a serious buyer with an immediate need. Perhaps you have to relocate for a new job opportunity, or there’s been a change in your personal life? Regardless, while you may assume it’s not an ideal time to be looking — namely because there isn’t much to look at — there are some advantages to buying this time of year. Less competition Let’s start with the...

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Preparing your home for hurricane season – What every new homeowner needs to know

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How to Prepare Your Home for Storm Season Follow these steps to protect your most valuable asset from hurricanes and other storms. You should take steps now to ready your home for a storm because when bad weather approaches it’ll likely be too late. For the Atlantic coast, hurricane season begins June 1, and NASA satellites and ocean sensors are suggesting we might be in for a formidable El Niño. That means the water in the central and eastern Pacific could be warmer than normal, which could bring about more extreme storms. If you’re worried that your house or condo isn’t...

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Wind mitigation inspections can save you money!! Here’s how…

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Why do you need a Wind Mitigation Inspection? Because they may lower your insurance costs!! These inspections more than pay for themselves! Did you know the information contained in your windstorm policy explains the premium discounts and the discount amounts you can received.  This is why it is necessary to have your Wind Mitigation Inspection performed by a licensed inspector. In NW Florida, most homes qualify for an average windstorm premium discount of $250.00; while the cost of the inspection is only $95.00 (for single family detached homes within Pinellas county).All residential...

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Purchasing a new home?? 15 Tools every homeowner should own

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15 Tools Every Homeowner Should Own The following items are essential tools, but this list is by no means  exhaustive. Feel free to ask our home inspector during your next inspection  about other tools that you might find useful. 1.  Plunger A clogged sink or toilet is one of the most inconvenient  household problems that you will face. With a plunger on hand, however, you  can usually remedy these plumbing issues relatively quickly. It is best to have  two plungers — one for the sink and one for the toilet. 2.  Combination Wrench Set One end of a  combination wrench set is open and...

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