Wind mitigation inspections can save you money!! Here’s how…

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Why do you need a Wind Mitigation Inspection? Because they may lower your insurance costs!!

These inspections more than pay for themselves! Did you know the information contained in your windstorm policy explains the premium discounts and the discount amounts you can received.  This is why it is necessary to have your Wind Mitigation Inspection performed by a licensed inspector.


In NW Florida, most homes qualify for an average windstorm premium discount of $250.00; while the cost of the inspection is only $95.00 (for single family detached homes within Pinellas county).All residential structures including single family homes, condos, townhomes or apartments may qualify for these discounts. The windstorm premium discounts are based on your home having one or more of the following wind resistant features.


  • Roof Covering: If your roof has been replaced after 2002, it should have a roof covering that is tested to resist uplift from 110 MPH winds qualifying for a premium discount,
  • Roof Deck Attachment (Intermediate): If your roof decking is OSB (chip board) or plywood and is nailed with 8d common nails (min 2-1/4 inches in length) that are at least 6 inches on center on the edges and 12 inches on center in the field this qualifies for an Intermediate Roof Decking Attachment premium discount,
  • Roof Deck Attachment (Superior): If your home was built before 1960 it probably has tongue and groove or dimensional lumber decking that is ¾ inch or thicker with large nails holding the decking to your rafters, this qualifies for a Superior Roof Decking Attachment premium discount,
  • Roof to Wall Connection: If your home was built after 1972 it probably has clips or straps (metal connectors) connecting your roof trusses or rafters to the top of the wall qualifying for a premium discount,
  • Opening Protection: If you have added shutters or impact glass windows and ALL openings have some type of Large Missile Impact protection rating then this qualifies for a premium discount,
  • Building Code Credit: If your home was permitted after March 1, 2002 then you already have most of the above features, the inspection will qualify the premium discounts,

Roof Geometry: If your home has a Hip roof the inspection will qualify the Roof Geometry for a premium discount,

  • SWR: Secondary Water Resistance is a self adhering membrane applied directly to the roof deck; this is most commonly used under tile and metal roof systems and qualifies for a premium discount.

Discounts begin the date of the inspection regardless of your policy renewal date, so start saving now and call Asper Inspections for a Wind Mitigation Inspection!


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