Asper Inspections Testimonials

Mark from St. Petersburg, FL Mark's home was built in 1973 and had no shutters, impact resistant windows, and the original roof tile.

This is incredible! I had my insurance agent re-quote my policy, and because I got a four-point and a wind mitigation inspection my policy premium went from $3600 per year to $1370 per year. I am going to tell everyone I know about this.

Tom from St. Petersburg, FL This client didn't add anything to his 1968 home and was able to save that much.
Thank you so much, Jeff and Asper Inspections! I turned in my wind mitigation inspection report to USAA and saved $1100 dollars a year. I wish I would have known about this sooner.
Dorothy from St. Petersburg, FL Dorothy's house is on the water and she had been paying close to $5000 per year.
I was thinking it had been two weeks since I turned my wind mitigation inspection in to USAA and I hadn’t heard from them. Right after I got off the phone with you I looked in my pile of mail and saw a letter from USAA stating that my policy was being reduced by over $2000 per year.
Michael from Lutz, FL This client was purchasing a house that the realty company had all the inspections already performed by their own people. It pays to have your own Home Inspector to ensure you are not being taken advantage of.
I can’t believe the other home inspector missed so much. It was a great decision to have you do another one for me. I was able to negotiate the sellers price down by $5000. You’re the best home inspector I know. I would recommend Asper Inspections to anyone.”
John from Largo, FL The insurance companies don't know what kind of wind resistance credits are already built into your home, so without a wind mitigation inspection you will not recieve the discounts that you deserve.
I sent in my mitigation report and my insurance company said that they didn’t even know what kind of roof I had! They charged me the more expensive premium instead of sending someone out to look. I switched companies and was able to get my premium reduced by $700 per year. Thank you. I can’t believe no one knows about this. Do you mind if I tell all of my neighbors?”"