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Pinellas County Home Inspector

Posted on Aug 26, 2014 in About ACS Inspections, Home Inspections | 0 comments

Pinellas County Home Inspector you can trust! Why have your new home inspected by Asper Inspection? You wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars without taking a careful look at what you are getting for your money would you? An in-depth home inspection is not as easy as it sounds and very few home buyers would have the expertise to really dig into a home inpsection. Here are a few of the Frequently asked questions we get and ones you should be asking:  Q: How do I choose a Home Inspector? A: Talk to your realtor, friends or seach online. Once you choose a possible inspector, ask about their...

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Home Inspections save buyers money!

Posted on Aug 12, 2014 in Home Inspections | 1 comment

When you see that dream home with the unbeatable price tag, you may already be more than sold on investing your life’s earnings on it. But don’t rush into it. At least not until you can have an objective pair of eyes scan the property so your dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare. Buyers’ home inspections ensure that a professional inspector has offered you an objective visual survey of your new home from the roof to the foundation. Getting a home inspection also means having that peace of mind that you won’t have to fork out thousands of dollars on repairs after you move in. According to the...

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